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Posted by Heather on December 29, 2013 at 11:20 AM

I posted this May 8th 2011, before I left Japan: 


Who am I? What a BIG question! Let's just stick to what I'm up to at the moment.


Right now I'm preparing for some huge life changes. - - -


I've been married to the man of my dreams since 2003, but we've been in a relationship since way back in 1998. We've been cruising around the world doing the military thing for the last 6 years and things are changing. We've decided not to reenlist and to take advantage of a program that will get us back home faster.


For the moment (and last 2+) years, we live in Japan. He works as a military police officer and I've been primarily a homemaker. It's been fun but I miss my horses and my family!


Once we're done here, we'll be moving back to Wixom, Michigan. There is a 12 acre parcel of property with our name on it that shares a property line with Proud Lake State Park. Proud Lake was one of my most favorite places to ride back in Michigan. I am very excited.


In addition to the land we're planning on building a house. Not just ANY old house but an eco house. Learning about all the green technologies that are available is really fulfilling and I'm going to enjoy all the benefits once we get it finished.


My next plan is our own facility. I want a barn that has room for my own horses as well as a couple of private boarders. I've got big ideas for an arena, private tack lockers and some beautiful turn out paddocks. It's time to follow my dreams.

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Reply quakergirl
10:23 AM on November 6, 2014 
So what has been going on ? Am eager to see new blog entries !! I have been learning about blanketing and, gosh darn, horses are expensive to clothe. I figure you should buy the best from the git-go ! But who can afford it? My daughter has a new horse but wasn't equipped for the coming winter, so I stepped in and, boy, what prices ! I'd rather pay more and get good quality. And just get one thing per onto. I thought this was helpful on a forum which I copied and paste here:
effective in the cold winter nights-

Clipped horse
Baker sheet
Baker blanket
Rambo with medium fill (200-220g) Rambo Original Medium 200g Turnout Navy Red
Turn out sheet on top Baker Hi-Neck Turnout Sheet | 5/A Baker Blankets
under 20 F then Rambo Optimo Heavy 400g Turnout over medium Rambo and under T/O sheet
Unclipped Horse
Baker sheet Baker? Original Horse Sheet | 5/A Baker Blankets
Baker blanket The Original Baker? Horse Blanket | 5/A Baker Blankets
under 20 F then medium Rambo TO over the Baker blanket

Baker? Original Horse Sheet | 5/A Baker Blankets
Factory direct, customizable, Horse Blankets, Sheets, Coolers, other Horse Clothing and more - Blankets and Sheets
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Vorschau nach Yahoo

This combination really locks in the heat but still breaths enough to keep them from sweating.

The Original Baker? Horse Blanket | 5/A Baker Blankets
Factory direct, customizable, Horse Blankets, Sheets, Coolers, other Horse Clothing and more - Blankets and Sheets
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Vorschau nach Yahoo

Night Time
I think it is also wise to consider how warm the barn becomes when all the doors/windows are locked up tight at night. (it can really heat up in there if you have 20+ horses in the barn) Furthermore, if your horses get additional hay at night check this will keep them warm as well (chewing and digesting).

Day Time
During the day there are a lot of factors to consider (wind, moisture, open windows/doors, sun shinning in the windows/sky lights, number of horses in the barn making heat, did this one just work (ride, treadmill, lunge?) ect. Clipped or unclipped.. how thick is the unclipped hair. Does he look like a bear or did the heating lamps keep the coat from growing in full?

What works for me? I find sliding my ungloved hand on the horses shoulder can help me determine to take a layer off or add one.

To prevent blanket rubs we constantly reset blankets and pull them forward (beware it may get you a bit in the a$$ by a sensitive few). Temperature changes so much throughout a day. Its really important to go through the barn adjusting, pulling off or adding layers multiple times a day.

OCD Blanket Checking & Adjusting Confession:
First thing in the AM
Before and after turnout
After riding
One hour after riding
Night check ? usually done my other, but they text me the temp inside the barn and send a picture of the horse?s layers of blankets.